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Trivia Challenges

La Dolce Vita “U” Trivia Challenges

Entertaining. Interactive. Fun!

La Dolce Vita “U” (LDVU) Trivia Challenges make you feel like a participant on TV game show. You “test” your knowledge while Carla revels unexpected facts about Italian culture. So engaging and high-spirited, you almost won’t notice how much you’ve learned. But after, you’ll dazzle your friends and relatives with your surprising new knowledge!

Carla has MC’ed dozens of Trivia Challenges for large or intimate gatherings, live and virtual audiences, for university and high school students, fine dining and retail establishments, private functions and fundraisers.

Trivia challenges explore topics of general Italian cultural interest or themed interests such as food or personalities and can always be customized for your particular occasion or audience.

Cultural Samplers

Vespa scooter illustrationWhat food was considered scandalous if consumed by women in public during the Renaissance? Why is carpaccio called carpaccio; the Bellini, the Bellini? How did the Colosseum get its name?

Participants will discover surprising new facts about the many ways Italian culture touches our lives and brings us pleasure. This entertaining and interactive approach will delight participants. Even the most sophisticated Italophile will learn new fun facts and intriguing insights and deepen their knowledge.

wine drinker illustration by Lannie Hart

Theme Focused

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A Mangiare: Cultural History for Foodies

Food illustrationCalling all Foodies! Join in an entertaining interactive “salon” exploring Italy’s culinary heritage from antiquity to the present day. Through an engaging Q & A you will discover little-known facts and some of the most interesting backstories about the world’s most popular cuisine— its most iconic ingredients and dishes. Even serious Foodie and sophisticated Italophiles will come away with a renewed appreciation of Italy’s extraordinary culinary heritage.

Italian Geniuses & Colorful Personalities

Marcello MastrioanniHas anyone demonstrated genius throughout history quite like the Italians? From antiquity to the present, from realms of the arts & sciences to the art of “la dolce vita”, Italians, more than any other people have profoundly shaped our worldview and how we live today. Through an this entertaining and interactive Q & A, you’ll discover surprising little-known stories and anecdotes from the lives of some of Italy’s most influential geniuses and beloved and colorful personalities.

It All Began in Venice

Lion GoldFrom the celebration of Carnevale and Mardi Gras to the Bellini to modern capitalism, Venice, the most enchanting and improbable of cities, has given us many “gifts”. Through this engaging Q & A “trivia” challenge we will explore and discover little-known backstories of La Serenissima and its extraordinary, and often unrecognized legacy of ingenuity and inventiveness as well as its opulent and captivating history. In all, a truly joyful celebration of why we all love Italy and, of course, Venezia!

The Many Faces of Sicily

Normand Arab Illustration“To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything.”  –  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Join in an interactive and illuminating “salon” exploring Sicily’s enchanting multi-layered cultural heritage from Ancient Greece to the present day. Through this engaging Q & A you will discover some of the most interesting and surprising aspects of Sicily’s fascinating history, it’s varied art and architecture and distinctive cuisine.

Antiquity: Alive and Well!

VesuviusAs they say, ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’.  Through this enlightening passigiata back in time we will explore the genius and innovation of ancient Rome and Sicily and discover how preternaturally modern the Ancients were in so many different facets of their culture and everyday living. You will gain renewed appreciation of the many ways antiquity lives on today and continues to touch our lives and bring us pleasure.

Custom Challenges

musicians Specially designed La Dolce Vita “U” Trivia Challenges to meet the needs of your event, occasion and/or particular audience.  Whether it be a happy hour or private dinner party, entertainment for a fundraiser, or a specific program for students, Carla will work closely with you to be sure your custom La Dolce Vita “U” Trivia Challenge delights your guests.

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