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Virtual Vacations - lemon truck photo

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Be dazzled, be enchanted and be reminded of the many reasons you love La Bella Italia! Postcards from the Boot is a monthly virtual vacation and celebration of the allure and special alchemy of Italy — land of romance and imagination that has entranced travelers and dreamers alike for centuries.

It is created and curated by award-wining author Carla Gambescia in collaboration with artist and photographer Frank Yantorno of Mernano, Italy and The Scholar Archive of Florence.


Bernini’s Roma

Nothing quite surpasses the grandeur of the Eternal City and it is difficult to recall a single person who has had a greater influence on the look and life of a city than Baroque genius Gian Lorenzo Bernini has had on Rome …

Tuscany’s Secret Garden

Not far from the fashionable harbor town of Porto Ercole on the Tuscan coast is the little known Giardino dei Tarocchi – The Tarot Garden – where, for an enchanting afternoon, you can experience a whimsical alternative reality…



Sardinia’s Talking Walls

Sardinia, a land of contrasts, intense colors, and bold flavors proudly boasts its own special artistry and priceless cultural heritage. In ancient Rome is was called graffiti; today we call it street art or murals…

Jewels of Lake Maggiore

Nestled in an alpine landscape, breathtaking Lago Maggiore knows no borders: it extends about thirty miles into Switzerland; straddles Lombardia and Piedmonte; and, despite its elevation …



In Vino Veritas

“In wine there is truth.” These now-immortal words were famously recorded by the Roman scholar—and recorder of nearly all things—Pliny of the Elder. (He also identified and named the hops plant, hence his popular namesake IPA beer.) In the spirit of veritas…

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