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Visions of Dante

March 25, 2022
Visions of Dante
7:00 PM EST; 4:00 PST
Muse Italo-Americano San Francisco, CA

Dante Alighieri is perhaps the greatest poet to have ever lived, and his La Divina Commedia is universally considered one of the very finest works of world literature.

In this visually-stunning lecture, we will not only explore Dante’s prodigious genius, how he mapped eternity, and the enormity of his legacy, but we’ll also examine many of the extraordinary works of art and the artists behind them—including Botticelli, William Blake and Salvatore Dali—that his magnum opus inspired over the centuries.

Details on the Events page of the Museo Italo Americano of San Francisco

Event details

Date: 25 March 2022.
Time: 7:00 PM EST; 4:00 PST
Venue: Muse Italo-Americano San Francisco, CA
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