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Giotto’s Human Touch: Virtual Lecture

April 20, 2021
Giotto’s Human Touch: Virtual Lecture

Tues Apr 20th, 7:00 PM EST: Giotto’s Human Touch: Considered to be the “Father of the Renaissance,” Giotto was one of the earliest artists to paint more realistic figures rather than the flat, stylized, decorative images of the medieval and Byzantine periods. Recognized, in his own time, as a revolutionary, Giotto’s work was transformative opening the door to the Renaissance. According to Giorgio Vasari, it was Giotto who restored the link between art and nature. An in-depth exploration of Giotto’s fresco cycle of the Arena Chapel in Padova (and easy day-trip from Venice), considered to be his greatest work; Casa Belvedere, Staten Island, NY

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Date: 20 April 2021.
Time: 7PM EST
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